It’s a new year and you’ve probably made a few resolutions – maybe you’ve vowed to exercise more or create a leaner budget. But don’t forget your pup as you conquer 2017. Here’s a list of resolutions you should make for your dog this year.

Take Pup on More Walks

I know you’re busy and tired from work and family, but make time for a daily walk with pup. Walking with your dog is a great bonding experience – it helps you both let off some steam and provides much-needed exercise for human and dog. As you exercise your pup more and more, you’ll notice she’s happier and more well-behaved too!

Play with Your Dog

Play is an essential part of life, even for dogs. It helps relieve stress and is yet another way for you to bond with pooch. It also lets dogs express some of their natural behaviors. So play fetch or tug of war and watch your dog light up.

Invest in Quality Food

There is a plethora of dog food on the market today and some of it is healthier than others. This year, do your dog a favor and invest in a quality diet. This could add quality and time to your dog’s life. Don’t know where to start? There are a ton of resources to help you research dog food here.

Groom Fido

Make sure you brush his fur on a regular basis. Most dogs love the attention of grooming and the activity actually makes your dog’s coat healthier by helping to release natural oils present in his skin. Grooming is also a good time to inspect your dog’s body for any new bumps, moles and irregularities that can be reported to your vet. While you’re at it, remember to trim your dog’s nails too. Overgrown nails are a painful annoyance and can actually be dangerous because they are more susceptible to splits and tears, which can lead to an expensive trip to the vet.  Learn a stress-free way to trim your dog’s toenails.

Appreciate your Dog

Remember that a dog’s time on Earth is just a sliver of a human’s lifetime, so appreciate the time you have with your canine and don’t sweat the small stuff. In 10 years you won’t even remember that pair of slippers that she destroyed or the time she pooped in your kitchen.