Dog behavior often gets lost in translation.

For the past 24 hours, my dog Rosie has been pacing around the house, hiding in the closet, and looking up at the ceiling mysteriously.

This indoor-loving dog usually likes to snuggle up in my bed or next to me on the couch, but right now she’s sitting in the middle of the rug in my living room – obviously perturbed – and she keeps trying to convince me to let her outside.

I’ve narrowed Rosie’s odd behavior down to three culprits:

  1. There’s a ghost in the house (this is a joke…kind of).
  2. There is an animal on the roof.
  3. Rosie is reacting to symptoms related to a cold that she appears to be suffering from (she’s been sneezing and has the sniffles).

It’s times like these that I really wish my dogs could talk. Then, I would just say, “Hey Rosie, what’s up?” She’d tell me what was going on, I’d fix it, and we’d move on.

Seeing as how human/dog communication has yet to be perfected, all I can do is comfort her and wait it out though.

Watch this cute video where an adorable golden retriever mimics Doug the dog from Disney’s Up with his “talking collar,” which translates dog speak into English (when will these collars be available?!).