Last April, I visited Grand Canyon National Park for the first time. My dogs go almost everywhere with me, so of course I took them to see this amazing giant hole in the ground.

Fun was had by all, but there are some things you need to know about taking your dogs to the Grand Canyon.

Go in the Spring, Fall or Winter

Your pup would much prefer the cooler weather over mid-summer heat.

Avoid Major Holidays and Spring Break

This is when everyone goes to national parks, Disney Land and other tourist attractions. You and your dog will have much more fun with fewer people to share the trails with.

Hike the South Rim Trail with your Dog

You can hike the South Rim Trail with your dogs. You will be treated to amazing lookouts on this paved trail, but expect to run into plenty of other tourists – I recommend hiking this early in the morning to avoid big crowds and to shield your dogs from the Southwest’s powerful sun rays. You must keep your pup leashed here for their own safety and out of respect to other hikers.

Equip Your Dog with a Pack

I saw a lot of hot and thirsty dogs on the trail. Not Daisy and Rosie, who carried their own backpacks full of water. We also packed poop bags (please clean up after your pooch) and food for a picnic at our end point. This ensured they were happy and comfortable for the duration of the hike.

Tina, Daisy and Rosie on the Grand Canyon South Rim Trail.


Check out the Grand Canyon Kennel

If you plan on hiking into the canyon, I have some bad news. You can’t take Fido with you. However, the Grand Canyon Kennel is conveniently located in Grand Canyon Village. You must bring proof of vaccination. Find more information about reservations, required vaccinations and hours here.

Know Where you Can and Can’t Bring your Dog

Unfortunately, the North Rim Trail does not allow dogs. There are other locations that you cannot bring pets – you can find out more information here.

Take Pictures

If you don’t snap, it didn’t happen, right? Make sure to get some amazing photos of your dog at the Grand Canyon, but don’t let them get too close to the edge, OK?