I’ll admit it. I’m a pushover when it comes to my dogs. While I have plenty of rules to keep life structured and happy for everyone, I do have some weaknesses. Here are the top six ridiculous things I do for my dogs.

Riding With the Car Window Down in Winter

Daisy loves car rides and you know what she loves even more? Sticking her big ol’ dog nose out the window during car rides. Naturally, I keep the windows down for her, but not just in the summer. Yup, sometimes I do it in the frigid temperatures of mid-December too. But it’s all kinds of worth it when I see her happy face – nose on sniff patrol – in my rearview mirror.

Sitting on the Floor While the Dogs Get the Couch

I have an embarrassing confession. I don’t think I’ve sat on my living room couch for months. That’s where Daisy sleeps. I, on the other hand, sit on the floor in front of my coffee table and watch movies (or write blog posts) on my computer. In fact, I’m sitting on the floor right now and I can hear the slow breath of a sleeping dog in my left ear.

Coming Home Every Day for Lunch

I don’t have a dog door, but I would never make my dogs go for more than a few hours without a potty break. So I eat lunch at my desk and use my lunch break to drive 15 minutes home, spend 30 minutes with the dogs, and drive 15 minutes back. It’s a little rushed, but completely worth it. I’m not forcing my dogs to hold their bladders all day and I also get some vital midday pup time.

Letting a Big Dog Sit on My Lap

Daisy is about 60 pounds, but don’t tell her that. One of her favorite things to do is sit on my lap. And I let her. I remember the day I adopted Daisy – at that time she was only about 45 pounds. When we hopped into the car, I positioned her in the passenger’s seat. Within a few seconds, she was in my lap. Knowing that she was probably a bit scared and excited, I let her stay. Now, 9 years and 15 pounds later, she’s still sitting in my lap (just not in the car).

Tucking Them in at Night

When it’s cold, nothing feels better than a warm blanket. My dogs agree. They both have their own personal blankets and I cover them up every night before bed. Then they both get a kiss on the doggie forehead.

Getting Pictures With Santa…Every. Single. Year.

Yup, I have taken the dogs to see Santa every year since I adopted Daisy in 2008 (except for that one year where we saw The Grinch instead). Admittedly, this is for me and not them.