With the recent coronavirus pandemic sweeping the world, many people are scared and isolated. Social distancing will continue in many countries for at least a few more months. People are worried about the health of their loved ones, the strength of our healthcare systems and how the economy will fare.

One thing is clear. We need dogs now more than ever.

We need dogs to keep us company. Many of us live alone, and now that we cannot go to work or other social venues, we need someone. For now, our dogs will be that someone. They have wanted to be that someone all along. They are ready to cuddle. This is their time to shine.

We need dogs to make us laugh. Things are scary right now. The world is full of uncertainty. But dogs are really good at making us laugh and smile. Let’s enjoy all of the funny things our dogs do each day.

We need dogs to keep us active and to encourage us to go outside. Even if you are working from home and practicing social isolation, it’s important to get outside every day. What better reason than to walk your pup? Take your dog on long walks, sit with her on your porch, take her to the park. It will be good for both of you.

And remember. Our dogs need us too. You might be scared, depressed or angry. And that’s all valid. But remember that your dog needs you, human. Let’s not let our dogs down.