Today, I want to talk mutts. Not just any mutt, but in my opinion, the best mutt. The Labrabull.

Also known as a pitador, the Labrabull is a cross between a Labrador retriever and a pitbull type dog (American Staffordshire terrier, American pitbull terrier or American bull terrier).

There are plenty of mutts available at your local shelter, and no doubt some Labrabulls. If you love an athletic and affectionate dog, this is the mix for you. Let’s take a look at some of this mixed breed’s characteristics.


The Labrabull could certainly also be called a “lap-rabull.” This is the 60 pound dog that sits in your lap. The dog that gets jealous when you’re giving attention to another dog and pushes them out of the way. The dog that curls up next to you in bed every night. My Labrabull Daisy was about a year old when I adopted her. She weighed in at about 45 pounds, but insisted on sitting on my lap on the way home from the shelter. She still sits in my lap whenever she gets the chance.


Daisy loves her sis Rosie, but she’s certainly more focused on humans. When we go to the dog park, she greets every single person and makes sure they know she’s available for petting. Sometimes she sits down right in front of an unsuspecting victim so they can rub her back for longer. She plays a bit with other dogs, but they are a mere distraction from human interaction.

Nanny Dog

For many years, pitbulls were used as “nanny” dogs to help watch young children. Labrabulls retain this care-taking trait and look after the entire pack. For example, Daisy never lets a pack member fall behind on walks or hikes. One time I was hiking with my aunt in Colorado and she started to fall behind us a bit because of the elevation gain. Daisy refused to continue without my aunt. She turned around and patiently waited for her every few minutes instead. Surprisingly (and entertainingly), Daisy also does this with hikers she doesn’t even know.

Scaredy Pants

Beneath a tough exterior is a scared dog. Daisy is scared of many sounds, especially fireworks and the smoke alarm. She has been known to more or less live inside my closet during the weeks surrounding Independence Day each year. We also have to adjust our walks around this holiday because if we’re out and she hears a firecracker, she’ll freeze in place. In fact, one time I had to sit on the sidewalk for more than 15 minutes while attempting to coax her out from under a neighbor’s boat.


Labrabulls have the advantage of two athletic breeds. Labradors were bred to retrieve ducks, and Daisy definitely still has this retrieving spirit (obsession) in her blood. She would retrieve her tennis ball all day if I let her. Combined with the brute strength of a pitbull, this makes for an incredibly athletic and fun dog.