I can’t believe it, but Daisy is going to be 14 years old in August! As she ages, she still wants to hit the trails, but I’ve had to adapt our outings. I’m so lucky because Daisy can still hike up to 5 miles depending on the weather and terrain!! Here are some things I’ve learned about hiking with a senior dog though:

✨More rest breaks, more shade, more water. Don’t push them and let them enjoy. Older dogs seem to want to sniff more. Let them!

✨You might have to lift or assist your baby on jumps they could have made as a younger dog. I call this airlifting. LOL.

✨Paw cream is good for all dogs, but I have found Daisy’s paws are even more sensitive to rocky terrain as she ages.

✨No more doggie backpack for Daisy Doo. Rosie and I carry all the supplies now.

✨Recognize that loss of vision and even senility may hinder your dog’s decision making. I’m totally protective with Daisy if we are near any steep drop off. I completely trusted her judgment in these situations as a younger dog, but not at her age.

✨Everyone is going to go gaga over your dog and their sweet senior face. Let your dog soak up the attention and enjoy their celebrity status. Daisy has always been a “people” dog, so she’s eating it up!