You can tell a lot about a dog by the way it walks on leash. Through my completely unscientific research, I’ve identified five on-leash dog personalities. Which category does your dog fit into?

The Sled Dog

This dog likes to pull, pull, pull. You’d train her to stop pulling, but you’re still trying to catch up. You get the “looks like your dog is walking you” comments frequently.

The Sherlock Holmes

The world is full of scented mysteries and Sherlock Holmes is on the case. If you have a Sherlock Holmes dog, you’ll spend most of the walk trying to convince him to stop smelling each individual blade of grass. Many Sherlock Holmes dogs also enjoy marking their territory frequently – you know, so the bad guys know they’re on the case.

Old Faithful

Congratulations if you have Old Faithful. Old Faithful walks next to you, heeling perfectly. Sometimes she greets other dogs (if you have signaled the OK), but mostly she just enjoys walking side by side with her best friend – you.


This is the dog that likes to start fights or just mess with other dogs. Your dog might be on the aggressive side or it might just like the thrill of barking at strangers. Either way, you’re in for a lot of trash talking on your walks with Fido.

The Socialite

This dog has never met a dog, person, cat or squirrel it didn’t like. You’ll have to spend most of your time trying to pry your dog away from all of his new-found buddies during your walk.