My dogs are my best friends. They listen to me, they smile every time we meet, and we enjoy the same activities (mostly…I’m not keen on rear-end sniffing or eating old pizza from the sidewalk).

But the coolest thing about my dogs is that they are best friends with each other too.

Daisy takes on a mom/older sister role in the relationship. She’s the calm, level headed one. Rosie, on the other hand, is always up to some shenanigans and she tries to get Daisy involved.


When I adopted Rosie, she was 5 months old and Daisy more or less taught her “how to dog.” Wherever Daisy went, Rosie went – that still holds true today. And though Daisy is now almost 10 and Rosie is nearing 6, the two still love to wrestle like puppies every day.

Here are some of my favorite shots of Daisy and Rosie being buddies throughout the years:


Daisy Rosie Dog Best Friends

Daisy Rosie Organ Mountains

Dogs in Swamp Coolers