This weekend I went out of town to run a race in northern New Mexico. The race was amazing and I got the opportunity to catch up with a friend I hadn’t seen in awhile. But there was a damper on the trip – I missed my dogs, who stayed back home with a friend.

When I walked out the door and left them, they both tried to follow me. I felt like I’d committed a betrayal and wondered if they’d be OK. Throughout my day away, I was worried they would somehow escape from my friend’s yard or pace around looking for me (word is they were actually fine besides someone chewing a dog bed).

Now, normally when you Google “dogs” and “separation anxiety,” the articles talk about how to help our four-legged friends get through missing us when we’re away. But it goes both ways.

sep·a·ra·tion anx·i·e·ty
anxiety provoked in a young child  pet parent by separation or the threat of separation from their mother dog.

Here are some things I do that help just a little:

  • Look at photos of my dogs on my cell phone/Facebook
  • Tell a funny story about my dogs to another person
  • Watch a recent video of my dogs
  • Request a picture of my dogs and/or updates from the dog sitter
  • Think about how awesome it’s going to be when I return and they greet me, tails wagging

Do you get separation anxiety when you’re away from your pups? Comment below with ways you get through it.