It’s no secret that I love dogs. But just what is it that I love about dogs? Well, here are just a few of my favorite things!

Wagging Tail

Scientific research contradicts the long-held belief that a wagging tail necessarily means a happy dog. But…..many times it simply does mean just that. Did you just get home from work and notice that your dog’s tail could power a small city? Then that’s probably a happy wag. Daisy wags her tail so hard that it moves the entire lower half of her body. A few years back, she got a case of swimmer’s tail and was not able to wag for a few days. I was very happy to see that wag return a few days later!

Dogs Wrestling

I love watching my dogs Daisy and Rosie wrestle with each other. You can see the bond between the two along with the pure fun that they have together. Daisy easily outweighs Rosie by nearly 20 pounds but sometimes lets Rosie dominate the play. Rosie’s little personality shines as she calculates maneuvers and makes incredibly strange growling noises (if you have a shepherd or husky you probably know what I’m talking about). Sometimes Daisy gets a little rough with Rosie and she immediately fixes things by giving her a mini bath. It’s too sweet. The cutest part? They periodically look over to me to make sure I’m catching every bit of action.

Dog Smiles

There is nothing better than a smiling, happily panting dog. Panting does not always equal smiling, but you’ll know when it does – you’ll see it in those sweet doggie eyes.

Human-Like Tendencies

It kind of cracks me up when my dogs burp or pass gas. Or when they start snoring or whining and kicking in the middle of a dream. I think I love these things so much because they remind me of just how much we have in common with our four-legged fur pals.


Cuddling is my very favorite, whether it’s on the couch while I watch a movie or even in bed on a chilly night. There is just something about that doggie cuddle that is soothing and I just can’t get enough!

Mornings with Dogs

Let’s get one thing straight. I am not – I repeat – I am not a morning person. I’m the type of gal who hits the snooze button several times before dragging myself out of bed. But dogs really make my mornings a lot funner. From the moment I open my eyes, I have a Rosie in my face, staring at me and wagging her tail. I also have a Daisy, who cuddles up closer. I’m not huge on dog kisses, but Rosie always makes me laugh in the morning when she licks me and then jumps away suddenly (she knows I’m not a fan of the doggie kisses). After all of that, it’s impossible to get out of bed in a grumpy mood.

Your turn! What are some of your favorite things about dogs? Comment below!