One day I was messing around in my kitchen, chomping on seaweed (as people do) and I noticed my dogs were hanging out behind me, staring diligently. Thinking nothing of it, I offered each of them a piece of my ocean-flavored snack.

I completely expected them to react the way they do to Brussels sprouts or lettuce – you know, take it and then spit it out. Not so. Their eyes bulged out as the grabbed the seaweed. They swallowed and then begged for more.

I recounted the story to my boss later that day.  He chuckled and said, “Hmmm…well I imagine seaweed smells and tastes like EVERYTHING.”

“Should I really be feeding my dogs this?” I wondered. So I went online.

Health Benefits of Seaweed for Dogs

According to Dogs Naturally Magazine, seaweed is not only yummy for pups but also can support their health in a number of ways. The nutrients in seaweed can help enhance immune and endocrine health, and promote longevity. Some studies have also produced evidence that seaweed may help reduce cancer.

There are many varieties of seaweed, including kelp and dulse. More information about the benefits of each variety can be found here.

Keep Your Dog Safe

It’s important to note that you need to take precautions when feeding seaweed to dogs. The seaweed should either be ground by you or bought in powder form to avoid dangerous intestinal blockage.