Recently, I found myself chatting at a party. “I have two dogs,” I said.

“Yeah, you already mentioned that,” the man replied with an amused look on his face.

Of course I did. Because I talk about my dogs. Too much.¬†Why do I do this? Is it because I’m lame? I think not. It’s just because my dogs are super awesome.

Anyone who has furry friends knows what I’m talking about, but sometimes it can come across as “creepy” or “weird” and maybe even annoying (like the guy who won’t stop talking about how his 3-month-old poops a lot). Some might even call it a social “faux paw.”

So what’s a dog lover to do? Well, here are some alternative conversation starters that you can use at your next social function. Keep these talking points handy for when the urge to talk about your dog hits:

  1. How much money you invest in lint rollers
  2. How you really can’t wear black…or fleece
  3. How awesome cuddling and going on walks is
  4. How you should ALWAYS have a can of pumpkin puree in the house
  5. The miracles of wet vacs
  6. How many tennis balls you have in your possession
  7. How many tennis balls are in your car right now
  8. How many tennis balls are under your couch right now
  9. Other people’s dogs
  10. Just leave. These people obviously don’t get you.